Monthly Archives: December 2016

“Lightning” series artist: Ssssnake

Ssssnake is a caricature, its an exaggerated version of male energy, sexuality, over the top and to the point where its, I guess, self-deprecating in a way, that I’m always saying to audience “Eyes on me!” That you gotta follow what I’m doing, that you have to do what I depends on my mood, if its a more loving ssssnake or a more aggressive ssssnake. I have a split personality relationship with ssssnake....before I do it I have to

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Installation of butterfly garden

Last year we installed a butterfly garden in front of our building on Electric Avenue.  In addition to planting milkweed to attract monarch butterflies, the new landscape features California native plants, rocks and even a pomegranate tree!  The ground is soft aromatic seder mulch. With a consciousness to water conservation and drought awareness, the butterfly garden, herb & floral boxes will utilize drip irrigation thereby reducing our water

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