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Auditions: An opportunity to Act

In keeping with my last column on carving out a time to work hopefully, you have used that time to learn your lines and apply your imagination, intuition, and instincts to create a dynamic character. Having done that, let’s get you to that audition! Unfortunately, the word AUDITION (: to test or try out in a short performance) can create knots in some of the most yoga inspired bodies in Venice, or anywhere for that matter. It’s ironic though

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A Time To Work

12:00pm Now that I’ve surfed, eaten breakfast and socialized, it’s time to take a nap… I mean to get to work. Though in theory, I could easily continue to ‘soak up’ the Venice vibe for an hour more. But I won’t because there is work to be done today. The Webster’s Dictionary defines work as “activity in which one exerts strength or faculties to do or perform something.” As an actor and acting coach, I work daily at my craft. For

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Finding Ritual in the Routine

10:30am: Now that I’ve had the opportunity to “set the day right” by surfing, I spend a few minutes “talking story” with the boys in the parking lot. Feeling energized and eager to start the day, I head over to a favorite place of mine on Abbot Kinney. I discovered Gjelina Take Away (GTA) years ago and quickly became an enthusiast of Travis Lett’s culinary creations. In order to experience food and beverage here, you will need to open

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The Electric Lodge Concludes its Lighting Series with SECRETS OUT

Sarah Llewellyn lists herself as “an innovative performer, dancer, director, contortionist, singer, and yogi”. Her production SECRETS OUT which concluded the Lighting Series at the Electric Lodge, incorporated most of her talents.  The performance involved a series of vignettes that examined peoples’ fears, insecurities, shame and hidden vices. The production, cast’s performances and the execution of the skits were uneven, but Llewellyn

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