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Kinney’s Dream Killed Abbot’s Habit

Tonight, June 23, Abbot’s Habit will throw a farewell party so Venice can say goodbye to the 24-year-old AK OG. The rent is going up, so the café, at 1401 Abbot Kinney Blvd., is moving out. By July Abbot’s Habit will be gone forever. The last day set for June 28, 2017. “Coffee is over,” Acupuncturist, Venice local, and Abbot’s Habit regular Andrew C Whitelaw told Yo! Venice. “After this, we die,” added Geo Beck, a local blogger from

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Importance of Winning a Staredown

Staredown: The art of looking someone in the eye and not flinching. I am of the mind that Improv, public speaking and giving presentations are a form of a staredown. When giving a speech, we are told to connect with the audience. Experts say to literally make eye contact. I have had my fair share of presentations and performances, but I must admit, I have not been very engaging with the audience. In a recent improv warm up exercise, it dawned on

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Being Undeniable

After acting side-by-side and coaching hundreds of actors, I have experienced and been fortunate to have observed my share of excellent work at my acting studio, on the set, on stage, and in rehearsals. But, when an actor is UNDENIABLE (unable to be denied or disputed), I find myself gobsmacked and simultaneously deeply appreciating the power of a single word like undeniable to describe what I’ve just experienced. What makes a person undeniable?

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Meet Josh Berkowitz of Electric Lodge in Venice Beach

Today we’d like to introduce you to Josh Berkowitz. Thanks for sharing your story with us Josh. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there. I had been performing twice a year at Electric Lodge since 2015. I had known it was an experimental theater so I would bring a watermelon or wear a cowboy hat and riff on uncomfortable subjects like heartbreak and sexuality. I slowly got to know the Electric Lodge family and was eventually

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