Dance Studio

Rental rates are based on multiple factors.
Click below to find pricing for your needs:

When student registration is under $25 per class:

Monday-Thursday 8am-6pm $40/hour
Monday-Thursday 6pm-10pm $50/hour
Weekends 9am-9pm $60/hour

No charge for student registration or participation

Performances at the Lodge $20/hour
Performances not at the Lodge $25/hour
Summer camps, public seminars, trainings, skills/trade symposium, etc. 

Registration LESS than $20 $60/hour
Registration $20 or MORE $85/hour
Art installations/openings, casting sessions, organizational meetings, etc. 

Admission LESS than $20 $85/hour
Admission $20 or MORE $100/hour
One space only, small cast/crew, no trucks, no power generators, etc.

No technical assistance $75/hour
With technical assistance $100/hour

To view the Dance Studio, follow these steps:

Start the tour by clicking below.
Click the “View dollhouse” icon on the lower left corner.
Click “Floor plan” in the center of the screen.
Finally, click the large area on the far left side

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