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Dance Resource Center is a service organization that provides the Los Angeles area dance community access to information, resources and services; and promotes the visibility and viability of Greater Los Angeles dance on local, state and national levels. DRC has been a resource for all things dance in the Greater Los Angeles Area since 1987. DRC provides evolving relevant and constructive services, programs, and support that respond to the ever changing needs of the Greater Los Angeles and Southern California dance communities.

Los Angeles County is home to more than 100 nonprofit dance companies, plus numerous unincorporated dance companies and groups. This region is comprised of dynamic presenters, commercial studios, university dance departments, teachers, and thousands of students, working dancers (concert and commercial), and dance enthusiasts.  The Dance Resource Center is a service organization open to all professional dance companies, dance makers and dance stakeholders.  We welcome all genres, organizational formats, voices and perspectives.  Just as Southern California is fast becoming the most diverse region of the United States, so does DRC seek to represent and include dance forms and voices that reflect this rich diversity. 


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