Lobby Art Exhibit


by Moses Hacmon
(on display through Feb. 2017)


Faces of Water is part art, part science, part spiritual awakening.  It is a breathtaking, haunting collection of photographic images of water that transforms and advances our understanding of this life-giving substance, exposes a layer of reality previously hidden from sight. 

Water links all beings.  Our need for it and our attraction to it connects us all on a primal level.  In Faces of Water, artist Moses Hacmon offers viewers an unparalleled experience of water’s movement.  Each photograph depicts a small universe with beautiful, unique life forms dancing within it.  Figures and shapes appear, evoking a feeling of familiarity and a subconscious sense of belonging to a hidden world.  In many ways, Hacmon’s photographs are nature’s Rorschach blots.  Viewers look at them and can’t help but see animals, fish, faces, galaxies, and plants.  The moving energy also creates visions never imagined.

Moses Hacmon is a collaborative artist, photographer and architect who strives to bring forth the ethereal and evocative in all mediums of his work. Constructing artistic relationships with his surroundings, Moses has turned his life into his artwork. His life’s main interest is the constant creation of physical objects that represent the spirit of the present time and space. He has been trained as a sculptor in Israel and as an architect in Los Angeles (Southern California Institute of Architecture, AIA honors award recipient, 2006).

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We are actively seeking visual artists to submit their work for public display in our Lobby Art Gallery.  Exhibits typically rotate every 6-8 weeks.  We prefer local artist and favor visual aesthetics that are aligned with our values of environmental sustainability and personal growth.

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