We aim to provide a welcoming venue and state-of-the-art technical resources for visual and creative artists to develop and display their work publicly.  Hosting artists and teachers allows our community opportunities for personal health and enrichment through fitness classes and creative workshops.  It also allows us to present fully realized works including: multi-disciplinary theatre, modern dance, film and live music.


We strive to be the premiere multi-use arts facility in environmental stewardship.  We are the proud founding venue of Arts:Earth Partnership, our building is solar-powered, we offer five EV charging stations on site, we use best practices in water and waste management and all of our operations are designed to meet the highest standards of environmental excellence.  We aim to have a zero carbon footprint.


We seek to be a forum for community participation and civic dialogue.  In addition to being a regular polling place for local, state and national elections, our facility regularly hosts film screenings, lectures, and town-hall style meetings advancing the awareness of important local, national and international issues.  We endeavor to  be a vocal advocate for of the arts and the environment.

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