“Lightning” series artist: Ssssnake

Ssssnake is a caricature, its an exaggerated version of male energy, sexuality, over the top and to the point where its, I guess, self-deprecating in a way, that I’m always saying to audience “Eyes on me!” That you gotta follow what I’m doing, that you have to do what I say…it depends on my mood, if its a more loving ssssnake or a more aggressive ssssnake.

I have a split personality relationship with ssssnake….before I do it I have to have a little conversation with ssssnake about him doing a show and taking over. There’s a whole hype session, it’s very physical because I gotta get my energy way up. And then I just say ‘ssssnake, you ready to fuckin’ do this?’ and he’s like ‘hell yeah, I’m ready to do this!’ ‘you ready to kill this shit?’ ‘yeah, I’m ready to kill this shit, I cracked the egg and was put on this earth to maintain this shit and do what I have to do…!’

So I just establish this thing…that ssssnake is doing his own thing. And I just gotta step out of the way and let it happen, so that makes it different every time.

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