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Importance of Winning a Staredown

Staredown: The art of looking someone in the eye and not flinching. I am of the mind that Improv, public speaking and giving presentations are a form of a staredown. When giving a speech, we are told to connect with the audience. Experts say to literally make eye contact. I have had my fair share of presentations and performances, but I must admit, I have not been very engaging with the audience. In a recent improv warm up exercise, it dawned on

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Being Undeniable

After acting side-by-side and coaching hundreds of actors, I have experienced and been fortunate to have observed my share of excellent work at my acting studio, on the set, on stage, and in rehearsals. But, when an actor is UNDENIABLE (unable to be denied or disputed), I find myself gobsmacked and simultaneously deeply appreciating the power of a single word like undeniable to describe what I’ve just experienced. What makes a person undeniable?

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Excellence: A Personal Journey by Guy Camilleri

The importance of being excellent (extremely good; outstanding) is ingrained in society and plays an important role in behavior, manners, education, trade, sport. Pretty much all facets of life. I would never be one to dismiss or discredit the tremendous feeling that goes along with performing a task in an excellent manner. I for one enjoy knowing that I did an outstanding job in completing a specific task at hand. Heck, I even like the way the word

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A blank Page: An Invitation to Tell Your Story

FIRST, there is a blank page. by Guy Camilleri The blank page is where it’s at for me! Each day I start here in Venice, close to the beach and usually somewhere with a view so I can check which direction the palm fronds are swaying. The best-case scenario is no wind at all, though having spent most of my surfing years in Hawaii, I yearn for offshore winds (trade winds). Today, the winds are onshore; the ocean is churning, cleansing itself from

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