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The work is where it’s at, man!

I recall studying in New York with the late and great teacher and director, Gene Frankel. I was fortunate to have him as a teacher, mentor, and friend for seven years. The biggest lesson learned from Gene was that, first and foremost, it’s about the work and the life experiences manifested as a result of putting in the work. That lesson and many others were profound, and I’m happy to say are still applicable to my life today. I frequently hear

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Being Undeniable

After acting side-by-side and coaching hundreds of actors, I have experienced and been fortunate to have observed my share of excellent work at my acting studio, on the set, on stage, and in rehearsals. But, when an actor is UNDENIABLE (unable to be denied or disputed), I find myself gobsmacked and simultaneously deeply appreciating the power of a single word like undeniable to describe what I’ve just experienced. What makes a person undeniable?

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