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Pilot Season – Go Bold or Stay Home!

The months of January – March is one of the most significant time periods known to actors. These three months are commonly known as “Pilot Season.” A Pilot is a stand-alone episode of a television series that will be used to sell that show and typically runs as the first episode of said series if a network picks it up. For the actor, this time period is filled with an abundance of job interviews and potential work. That being said, we can ascertain

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Spring Into Summer With Your Creativity

What a time to be in the arts! With technology in the palm of our hands, a limitless imagination, and a radical and vibrant Venice community in a state of flux, there is a treasure trove of stories to be told. If you are an actor, writer, or director, and aren’t creating something, anything, what are you waiting for to get started? What an opportunity to explore the shifting of old paradigms, belief systems, individuals and groups clinging on to

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The work is where it’s at, man!

I recall studying in New York with the late and great teacher and director, Gene Frankel. I was fortunate to have him as a teacher, mentor, and friend for seven years. The biggest lesson learned from Gene was that, first and foremost, it’s about the work and the life experiences manifested as a result of putting in the work. That lesson and many others were profound, and I’m happy to say are still applicable to my life today. I frequently hear

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